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Playground Design

Every day, NPS holds true to our mission of preserving and celebrating the Decade of Childhood for its students from Pre-K 3 through 6th Grade.

A direct reflection of the NPS Mission and the school’s focus on the Decade of Childhood, this innovative, intentional design strategically and creatively increases our “play footprint” and will be a playground for every grade and every child at NPS.


The Nest & Boardwalk

The centerpiece of the playground is inspired by the School's mascot, Spirit the Cardinal, and speaks to the school’s mission - to “launch” children from the “nest” of NPS and the Decade of Childhood to the next phase of their lives

Sport Court & Active Play Area

The sport court and active play area offer space for basketball and other court games, as well as many students' favorite - gaga ball. The existing turf field remains as is.

Monkey Bars & Balance Logs

Time-tested features such as monkey bars and balance elements will be present in the new design and accessible to a range of age groups.

This new playground will provide a wonderful new space for our students to explore and challenge themselves through new and different play choices. Robin Westerberg, 3rd Grade Teacher & Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees


The walholla offers new and exciting climbing experiences with its maze-like vertical and horizontal paths.

NPS playground rendering of boardwalk leading to walholla and tower structures

The Boardwalk

The elevated boardwalk offers a pathway along the length of the playground from the nest to the walholla.

Aerial View

The playground's thoughtful design increases the play footprint for our students by incorporating vertical and layered elements.

The intentional and thoughtful design incorporates extensive input from NPS teachers at all grade levels - professionals with keen knowledge of how children utilize playgrounds, as well as what equipment and forms of play spark learning and joy.Malcolm Lester, Head of School

The Playground Classroom

On the playground, we see the NPS Mission and Core Values of Love, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Safety at work (and play!).

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