Before and After Care

After 3 Club

Campers may pre-register for After 3 Club, our after camp care program. Staff members provide childcare from the end of the camp day until they are picked up at the parent’s convenience (any time between 3:00 and 6:00 pm). Children enjoy free time for play with friends along with a variety of planned activities including crafts, games, and water play. A snack is provided at approximately 4:00 pm each afternoon. 

Campers may also drop in to After 3 Club on an as-needed basis. Drop-ins must be requested via email to by 2 pm each day. Drop in fees do apply. Please find all fees listed here.

Our staff’s time is as valuable to us as the time of our families. Therefore, late pick-up fees are incurred once the program’s designated pick-up window ends. A late fee of $2 per minute (per child) is charged for children not picked up by 6:00 pm.

There is no After 3 Club on Friday, August 4 OR Friday, August 11, 2023.

Early Birds

Summer Horizons Camp offers an early drop-off program for all campers on Tuesdays - Fridays beginning at 7:30 am which continues until the regular drop off time of 8:30 am. Early Bird campers are supervised by Summer Horizons Camp staff and participate in quiet age-appropriate activities. A small snack is available for Early Birds who have not yet eaten breakfast. Parents or caregivers must walk their children into the building to sign in at the Front Desk. Drop-off prior to 7:30 am is not permitted. Early Birds does not run on Mondays.

Campers may also drop in to Early Birds on an as-needed basis - no notice necessary.  Drop in fees do apply. Please find all fees listed here.

There is no Early Birds on Tuesday, June 20 OR July 5, 2023.

We do not offer Early Birds during Session 5 (August 7-11, 2023)