Summer Horizons Day Camp

Chickadees, Bluebirds, and Larks

Chickadees - (Children who are 3 years old by June 21, 2022)

Bluebirds - (Children who are 4 years old by June 21, 2022)

Larks - (Children entering Kindergarten in September)

Small groups, with lots of tender loving care and encouragement, boost the confidence of these sometimes first-time campers in these full- or half-day programs. The emphasis is on individual attention and sensitivity to the needs of these special young people. Group activities and projects are interspersed with free play and short rest periods. Projects may differ from those listed in the theme descriptions but will follow the weekly theme. Nurturing teachers, ably assisted by enthusiastic and caring camp counselors, guide our youngest campers in age-appropriate activities designed to help them develop their fine and large motor skills, to think imaginatively, to promote language skills, to share with others, and to build independence. Campers enjoy projects such as: crafts, creative movement, group games, science & cooking projects, story time, singing, and building. Days include opportunities for investigation, observation, and sensory discovery. 

*Please note that children participating in our programs must be fully toilet-trained. Our youngest campers are frequently provided with reminders and scheduled potty breaks. Classrooms are not equipped with wipes or changing stations for diapers or pull-up training pants and we do ask that these items stay at home. Counselors do not assist with wiping after toilet use. Accidents, however, are common- particularly in the first few days as counselors and campers get adjusted to each other’s schedules. If your camper is in a routine at home, we certainly encourage you to share that information with the counselors for everyone’s combined benefit. Working with parents, our goal is for every camper to have a successful summer. However, because we are not well equipped to deal with frequent accidents, no exceptions will be made in the case that a camper is having multiple accidents a day. In the case that a camper is sent home due to excessive accidents, no refunds are provided.


Robins & Hawks

Robins (Children entering grades 1-2 in September)

Hawks (Children entering grades 3-4 in September)

Robins and Hawks participate in a full-day program of exciting activities designed to awaken a sense of wonder and encourage exploration of the new and different. Each week, Robins and Hawks attend theme-inspired classes, including daily physical activity during sports and games, week-long group and individual projects in science and art, and surprise activities that differ every day! Campers can look forward to making special memories on the playground and during all-camp celebrations on Camp Spirit Days. Morning meetings, coupled with plenty of recess, snack, and group activity time, help create strong bonds between campers, often forming friendships that span across summers and beyond. 



(Children entering grades 5-6 in September)

Calling all campers entering grades 5-6! If you love camp and you’re getting ready to transition into middle school, check out this awesome bridge program just for you: Eagles! Campers will be able to enjoy their favorite parts of camp with super fun themed afternoon programming and also participate in age-appropriate service and leadership projects. In proper camp fashion, we’ll have plenty of other surprises in store, too!