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Summer Horizons Day Camp 2018

We are excited to welcome our campers age 3 (Chickadees), 4 (Bluebirds), 5 (Larks), rising 1st - 2nd Grade (Robins), rising 3rd-4th Grade (Hawks), and rising 5th-6th Grade (Eagles) for 8 weeks of summer fun - Let's Do It!

Week 1 (June 18-22) - Let’s Play

Get ready for a “dramatic” start to your summer, because it’s time to turn on your imagination and get creative! We’ll get to know each other with drama and circle games, team building activities, fort and construction activities, and camper skits during an opening “campfire” ceremony. Campers will act out stories and learn camp songs; older campers will also get to hear about some famous playwrights and directors from history. From set design to costumes, we will talk about the process of making a film or play, and we’ll make our own Hollywood stars to take home. At the end of the week, campers in Larks, Robins, Hawks, and Eagles will travel to the Lerner Theater to see the Imagination Stage production “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

Week 2 (June 25-29) - Let’s Jam

Get moving, get grooving, and let’s go! Stomp, dance, and sing your way through the week with us. Campers will spend the week playing games and doing activities with music and movement elements. We’ll learn about different types of music and instruments and work on a few popular line and party dances. We’ll make our own instruments out of recyclable materials. We’ll even talk about how sound and hearing works! At the end of the week, we’ll jam out on inflatable bounce houses/slides and throw a dance party and songfest in the gym. It’ll be a hoot!

Week 3 (July 2-6) - Let’s Make Magic

Is it science, or is it magic? Come explore the possibilities as we test theories and try a few experiments together. Sometimes the wonders of science are downright magical, leading to a few myths we are still familiar with today. We’ll pick up some background knowledge about why these experiments work, and send home some ideas to take home as well. We’ll try our hand at a few actual magic tricks, too. On Friday, Magician Mike Perrello will show us some illusions of his own in a magic show!

*Camp will be closed on 4. Fees are pro-rated for this week.

Week 4 (July 9-13) - Let’s Make History

Where in the World is Summer Horizons Camp? We’ll be time-traveling through history this week in a whirlwind of events. Campers will explore ancient civilizations and historical events that have impacted our modern world. They’ll dive into the origins of language and writing, medicine, sports and games, and agriculture. How did people live and learn before the internet, phones, or electricity? Trace inventions through history to see how innovators of the past have shaped our present. Dream of where we’ll go in the future! On Friday, campers in Larks, Robins, Hawks, and Eagles will check out the National Museum of American History to see how far we’ve come as a nation.

Week 5 (July 16-20) - Let’s Grow

How do living things grow—and what makes something “alive”? This week we will get the dirt on plants, the buzz on insects, and the word on water in our efforts to learn more about what we need to survive. From pollen to predators, campers will get a peek at the heartbeat of our planet’s food systems and learn about how our food fuels our bodies. We’ll try our hand at gardening and learn a bit about photosynthesis and farming. On Friday, campers in Larks, Robins, Hawks, and Eagles will participate in the SPROUT gardening program at the Washington Youth Garden in the US National Arboretum. Younger campers will get a visit from our animal friends of Squeals on Wheels.

Week 6 (July 23-27) - Let’s Chill

Washington DC can get a little steamy in the summertime, so come chill out with us in a week of water fun! We’ll spend all week training for the Water Olympics on Friday with extra-splashy sports and games. Campers will learn about different bodies of water and get to know some of the creatures that live in and on the streams, rivers, ponds, and oceans all around our blue planet. We’ll even do a few water-based art and science projects! Get extra chilly when you learn about the different states of water, and take a refreshing trip through the water cycle. This week, our friends from Touch the Sea will also stop by to share some of their underwater critters with us.

Week 7 (July 30 - August 3) - Let’s Help Out

How can we work together to make the world a better place? Campers will take on a helper mindset this week and learn about small actions and big jobs that help keep our homes, cities, and planet connected, safe, and functioning. They’ll learn about innovators & careers in different industries, they’ll practice service, and they’ll think about ways they can make a positive impact in their community. We’ll have visits from friends who work as local first responders and community builders as well. Together, we can make a difference in how we treat each other and what we do each day. On Friday, campers in Robins, Hawks, and Eagles will visit the National Portrait Gallery to check out some remarkable works of art depicting all kinds of risk takers and history makers.

Week 8 (August 6-10) - Let’s Get MESSY!

Come spend a week doing what camp does best—let’s make an absolute mess! Campers will love donning aprons and creating organized chaos this week with a super-fun collection of our messiest crafts, experiments, and activities. We’ll dare to explore nature and learn with our senses this week. Campers will make and take sensory activities with room for plenty of creativity. We’ll make slime; explore with sand and water; tie-dye; plaster cast; mold and build with clay. If there’s an alternative way to paint something, we’ll try it out. Make “dirt cups” for a snack, and then dig in the actual dirt for science! On Friday, campers in Robins, Hawks, and Eagles will walk to the Glover-Archibold trailhead for short nature scavenger hunt. There is no After 3 Club on Friday of this week.

Week 9 (August 13-17) – Camp Invention & Specialty Camps

Camp Invention

Half-day Ballet

Half-day Soccer

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