Camp Forms

Required Health Forms

Health information will be collected through the online application. Some health conditions require additional paper forms. Once you have completed the online application, please print and complete any relevant forms listed below under “Camp Forms.”

Additional paper forms are required if your camper experiences asthmatic, allergic reactions or seizures; if he/she will need to take any prescription medications while at camp; or if you would like to authorize the camp to dispense any over the counter medications to your child while at camp. If this is the case, please complete the Medication Authorization Forms and the Specialized Health Care Forms—a physician’s signature is required for these forms to be accepted by the camp.

All forms are due on or before May 15 or upon registration.

Required Program Forms

Some programs, such as Junior Counselor or Counselor in Training (CIT), require additional information forms upon registration or acceptance to the program.

To apply for the volunteer Junior Counselor program, please visit the employment page and complete the Junior Counselor Application and Agreement form located there.

To register for the CIT program, please click here and complete registration/payment. All forms for the CIT program may be found on that online portal. Please read the additional CIT Information form in preparation for the summer.

Camp Forms

Failure to submit forms on time may result in cancellation of your camper’s registration.

Medication Authorization Form (Click to download and print) – for campers bringing prescription and over the counter medications to camp.

  • DC law requires that we obtain the signature of the parent/guardian as well as a physician for the administration of ANY medication – prescription and over the counter. This includes Epi-Pens, inhalers, insect repellent, Tylenol, and Benadryl.
  • You are responsible for obtaining the authorization of the healthcare provider as well as providing the specific medication to be administered to the front desk. All information and supplies needed for the proper administration of the medication and a current form must be on file at Camp. We suggest that parents obtain this authorization at the time of the annual physical and/or prior to the start of each camp season.
  • Medication requests must be renewed annually.
  • Any changes to dosage or frequency require a new form including the signature of the healthcare provider.
  • All medication must be provided by the parent in the original container. Medication that is without a doctor’s order, expired, incorrectly labeled, or improperly stored will not be accepted. Please speak with your physician or pharmacy to help prepare.
  • We encourage you to be prepared by completing a form/s for any medication that your child might need to take at camp, such as seasonal allergy medication, frequently used OTC medications, seldom-used inhalers or similar such needs.

Specialized Health Care Forms

It is important that you use these versions of the forms.

If your child experiences allergic reactions, asthmatic symptoms, or seizures, the appropriate forms above must be completed and signed by the physician and parent. Even if your child had a form on file last year, a new form is required for each camp season. Please be sure to bring in all medications (i.e. antihistamine) and/or at least two emergency devices (i.e. epinephrine injector and/or inhaler) referenced on the form on or by your child’s first day of camp. If your child is a current NPS student, please note that we do not have access to emergency medications left at NPS after school has ended.

Sun Protection

We ask that you apply sunscreen to your child every morning and send in a bottle labeled with their name. We will help reapply before outside activities and water play. Please consider packing a sun hat, visor, or bandana. Summer Horizons Camp does not keep spare sunscreen on hand, nor can we permit sharing of sunscreen.

CIT Information

CIT Information - Required reading for all CITs