Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Summer Horizons Camp has an online application – click here to get started! Find more information on how to register here.

Please also see the forms that may need to be completed after your online registration. This documentation and information must be supplied before attending camp.

Can we visit the campus before signing up for camp?

Of course! Visits can be made by appointment. Contact for more information on how to schedule a visit.

What do I pack?

For all campers, daily:

  • Lunch with a drink (preferably peanut-free)
  • Closed-toe, closed-heel shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat, visor, or bandanna
  • Bathing suit & dry towel
  • Plastic bag for wet items
  • Recommended for swimmers:

  • Swim goggles (No masks)
  • A cover-up or shirt for the walk to the pool
  • Recommended extras:

  • An extra set of clean clothing (required for Chickadees, Bluebirds, and Larks)
  • Blanket & cuddle toy (afternoon Chickadees, Bluebirds, and Larks only)
  • Hair bands, clips, or head bands for pulling back long hair
  • Sunglasses
  • Lip Balm with SPF 15+
  • Additionally, if you have indicated that your camper requires medication, this must be supplied to the camp upon arrival along with the mandatory form(s).

    Do you offer lunch and/or snacks?

    Campers are provided with a morning and afternoon snack from a variety of options such as Goldfish crackers, Saltine and Graham crackers, fruit cups, cereals, milk, raisins, and apple slices.

    We do not provide lunches for campers and ask parents to pack lunches daily. We are not a nut-free camp, but we do encourage parents to avoid packing nut products if possible.

    Can campers be in a group with their friends?

    So long as the campers are in the same age group, this is usually not a problem! To request a buddy for your camper, simply type in a name when you complete your child’s Camper Information Form online. Our goal at SHC is for every camper to make new friends as well as strengthen the friendships that are already in place. While grouping campers, every effort is made to maintain a balance of gender and new and returning campers. We cannot group large numbers of buddy campers together, so while we will make every effort to honor mutual grouping requests, we cannot guarantee them.

    When do I need to send in my health forms?

    All forms are due on or before May 14, 2019 or upon registration. Most forms are online, but some programs and health conditions require paper forms in addition to the online application. Please click here for more information about camp health forms.

    Can my camper bring medication to camp?

    Yes. Authorization forms, signed by a physician, are required for the administration of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Any medications being sent to camp will be kept at the front desk and must be in their original containers bearing the pharmacy label.

    Our staff may not administer prescription OR over-the-counter medication to campers without the written authorization of the parent/guardian AND the physician.

    Over the counter medication must also be in its original container with the original label and directions for use. Please click here for more information about the forms required for medication administration at camp.

    how do friday field trips work?

    On certain days (typically Friday), some groups may leave campus for a field trip. Please find our plans for each week listed under the descriptions found here.

    We will send out a permission slip on Wednesday with details about the destination, activities, and estimated times of departure and arrival. We will also communicate any notes about what to pack for that day.

    For field trips, we ride on school buses driven by our super transportation company. The classroom staff and some specialists and administrative staff members will attend the trip with the campers. Depending on the timing and length of the trip, we may bring snacks, water bottles, or even lunches. Campers should wear this season’s Summer Horizons Camp shirt and arrive by 9 am that day.

    What do you do in case of extreme heat or rain?

    We take the heat seriously and mandate water breaks and sunscreen application throughout the day. Please pack a labeled sunscreen and a reusable water bottle and remind your child of the importance of using these items. In the case that a citywide “Heat Emergency” is declared, we direct activities indoors.

    Are campers required to be toilet trained before camp?

    Please note that children participating in our programs must be fully toilet-trained. Our youngest campers are frequently provided with reminders and scheduled potty breaks. Classrooms are not equipped with wipes or changing stations for diapers or pull-up training pants and we do ask that these items stay at home. Counselors do not assist with wiping after toilet use. Accidents, however, are common - particularly in the first few days as counselors and campers get adjusted to each other’s schedule. If your camper is in a routine at home, we certainly encourage you to share that information with the counselors for everyone’s combined benefit. Working with parents, our goal is for every camper to have a successful summer. However, because we are not well equipped to deal with frequent accidents, no exceptions will be made in the case that a camper is having multiple accidents a day. In the case that a camper is sent home due to excessive accidents, no refunds are provided.

    What are the arrival and dismissal procedures?

    Regular arrival time is from 8:30 - 9:00 am daily. Camp program activities begin at 9:00 am. Tuesday-Friday doors open at 7:30 am for Early Birds campers, and from 8:30-9:00 am we offer curbside drop off at the main entrance of the School Building. Parents may enter through the Van Ness St entrance and pull up in a single line to the front of the school. A staff member will receive campers curbside (during the arrival time only) and staff are on hand to assist campers to their classrooms. Alternatively, parents may park in the Church parking lot and walk their child into camp.

    We do not offer the Early Birds program or curbside drop-off on Mondays. Each Monday, parents must park in the Church parking lot and sign in at the front entrance of the school starting at 8:30 am.

    We offer curbside dismissals at 1:00 pm (half-day campers) and 3:00 pm (full-day campers) daily. Our 1 pm carpool takes place directly outside our front entrance, while the 3 pm carpool takes place just a few feet forward at the side gym entrance of the School Building. Drivers must display a valid carpool sign and a staff member will escort your child to the car. If you prefer to walk in to meet your child at dismissal, you may park in the Church lot and proceed through the front entrance of the School Building.

    I have another question!

    Please contact us at or (202) 537-7579 and we are happy to help!

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