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About This Project

National Presbyterian School’s class of 2019, when they were in 5th Grade, learned about different facets of homelessness for their Service Learning Project. Last year, Ken Martin, a Street Sense vendor, visited with the students on several occasions to share with them his personal story. The students were so inspired by his story and his relationship to Street Sense that they created this rap video, for which they wrote and performed the music and lyrics and created the art.

About the NPS Service Learning Program

Service Learning at National Presbyterian School gives students the opportunity to meaningfully engage with the needs of their community, learn more about themselves, develop empathy, practice leadership skills and recognize their shared responsibility to care for others.

Service learning projects are student-directed, age-appropriate, hands-on, and serve our community in meaningful ways. Outside of classroom-based service learning, NPS holds Family Service Saturdays throughout the year, giving all family members the opportunity to serve together. NPS is a recipient of the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education award for excellence in service learning.

Our service learning projects are a clear manifestation of the School’s Core Values and our Christian identity, embracing through service the virtue of love in action.

The video will be shared at the 6th Annual Homeless Persons Memorial Vigil in Washington, DC.

Questions about this project?  Contact NPS Chaplain Jen Dunfee.

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