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Students visit the Politico offices

On Tuesday, February 12th, the students who write for The Nebraska Avenue Times [the NPS student newspaper] went on a field trip to Politico.

Politico is a newspaper company that writes about politics and politics only. To get there, we took the Metro. When we got to Politico, we got a tour of the Politico office. We got to see the writing part of the office and the selling part of the office.

When the tour was done, we headed off to see Politico’s cartoonist Matt Wuerker. You can find his cartoons in the back of the Politico newspaper. He gave us a drawing lesson on how he would draw cartoons. He also showed us some of his work. Matt draws cartoons to get a point across quickly. He chose this so instead of reading a long 800-word article, you can look at a drawing with a  five-word caption and know what is happening. We even got to take our drawings home with us.

All of the students loved the experience of going to Politico and meeting Matt Wuerker.

By Anabelle P. 5th Grade

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