Geography Bee 2020

By Will M, 5th Grade

At NPS, the Geo Bee is a great opportunity for students in 4th, 5th, and 6th Grades to test their knowledge of world geography.

To get in the school Geo Bee, students must first take a test on paper within their homeroom classes to secure their place in the bee. The top five people from each grade with the most right answers on the written test will move on to the school Geo Bee. The top two people who took the written test will go head-to-head to decide who is the winner and runner up.  If the school champion passes a standardized test provided by the National Geographic Society, then the school champion goes on to the city-wide Geo Bee.

There are five teams in the school-wide Geo Bee, each with a 4th Grader, a 5th Grader, and a 6th Grader. How the Geo Bee works is that Mr. Sumner asks the questions that the contestants have to answer, and there’s music playing in the background to give a hint to what the answer might be. For example, when the answer was Mount Kilimanjaro, the song playing was Africa by Toto. There were 15 questions, each with two or three answers. The Geo Bee was on January 28th.  I was on Team 2 with Livie T, 6th Grade, and Leo M, 4th Grade, and Team 2 won!

I think that the NPS Geography Bee is a great way to learn about our world. 

(Editors’ note: Will, the writer of this article, is the NPS individual champion, and Jamie V, 6th Grade, is the runner-up. Will took the qualifying test for the DC-wide competition, sponsored by the National Geographic Society. We will know by early March if he qualifies.)

Want to test your knowledge of world geography?  Here are the 15 questions and answers to this year's NPS Geography Bee!

1. At the southern tip of south America is a body of water called “something” passage. This body of water connects the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Name this passage and name the 2 countries that meet at the southern point of South America? This question has 3 answers.


Drake Passage
Argentina & Chile

2.  This mountain is the tallest one in Africa. Name this mountain. Name the country that it’s in. And name this country’s capital.  This question has 3 answers.



3. This country existed from 1922-1991. This country, in terms of area, was the biggest country in the world. Name this country, its capital city, and the continent this capital city is in. This question has 3 answers.


USSR/Soviet Union

4. If it’s mid-morning in Turkey, is it the morning, afternoon, or nighttime in Spain?  And, name the peninsula that Spain is on. This question has 2 answers.



5. What is the capital of the USA. And what is the biggest city, in terms of population in Texas.  Circle the city that has a greater population. This question has 3 answers.


Washington, DC
Houston (bigger population)

6. This country is in Eastern Europe. To the north is Russia and Belarus. To the west is Poland. Name this country, its capital, and the sea that is on its southern border. This question has 3 answers.


Black Sea

7. If it’s 12 noon on Sunday in San Francisco. What day is it in the country of Ireland? And, name the capital of Ireland. This question has 2 answers.



8. Montgomery is the capital city of this state.  Name this state and name the state capital that is southeast of it. This question has 2 answers.



9. This state borders Missouri and Kentucky, as well as one of the great lakes. Name this state, its state capital, and this Great Lake.  This question has 3 answers.


Lake Michigan

10. This state is just east of the Mississippi river. It borders the Gulf of Mexico. Name this state and its capital.  This question has 2 answers.



11. This state has over 10 million people. To the east is the Atlantic Ocean.  In the west are The Great Smoky Mountains.  Name the state and its capital. This question has 2 answers.


North Carolina

12. Name South America’s biggest country- by area and population. And name the city in this country that is just north of the Tropic of Capricorn. This question has 2 answers.



13. This country is in Africa.  This country borders Libya, the Gaza Strip, and the Red Sea. Name this country and its capital. This question has 2 answers.



14. The Mekong is a natural feature that exists 6 in countries in southeast Asia. Is the Mekong a desert, mountain, river, or swamp?  And, in terms of alphabetical order, what is the last of these 6 countries. This question has 2 answers.



15. The British Commonwealth is made up 53 countries. Name the country that is the Commonwealth’s biggest in area. And name this country’s capital and biggest city. This question has 3 answers.




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