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On October 2nd, we had our kick-off all-school assembly in Jones Hall. It is the school's 50th year! Once we all got settled, Kindergarten marched in and sang "It's Grand Old Flag". They were so cute! Mr. Lester, our Head of School, continued the assembly. We watched a video for the 50th year of NPS that had video clips from when the school first started to more recent times. They also shared a new thing for the 50 things we love about NPS, where we write things we love about NPS and then by the end of the year they will narrow it down to 50 things and hang it up. Before we moved on we recognized Mr. Lester's former assistant, Mrs. Topf. We loved that she came back. Then Ms. K, PE teacher, told us about Sweets for Soldiers, where you bring in candy that you don't like, don't want, or don't care about. This year the goal is 1000 pounds of candy for the soldiers. After Rev. Dunfee and Mrs. Woods shared about Hurricane Florence and the fundraiser for the schools and homes that got torn apart. Next, we saw a fun video about the 5thand 6th Grades' trip to Echo Hill. After that happened, Mrs. Woods talked about monthly Maker Mats. Then we sang about our Core Values and this month's was Safety. What a great all-school assembly!

By Serenity R, Grade 5


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