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Girl and boy in canoes

By Wright F., Grade 5

At camp horizons kids do amazing things like caving, canoeing, archery, giant swing, and the leap of faith. The 5th and 6th graders alternate between Camp Horizons and Echo Hill. 

This year we went to Camp Horizons. We stayed three days two nights. Camp Horizons was so fun! We did two main activities and two sub activities. The main activities were caving, rock climbing and canoeing. The sub activities are archery, giant swing, farm, and leap of faith. In caving you went into pretty much a hole and explored! In rock climbing you repelled down a cliff. That means to jump off with a rope. Then you climbed up!  In canoeing you and a partner paddled down a river. One person steered and one person was for power. On the first day a storm arose. In canoeing, canoes were filling with water but  Mrs. Rusan and Mr. Murphy helped people. The people in caving were underground!

Camp Horizons is a place of learning and I bet you can’t wait to go!

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