Presenter Jen Cort & NPS Faculty

On February 14th, diversity consultant Jen Cort visited NPS to provide training on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to the entire faculty and staff.

Jen, a well-known and nationally recognized speaker with a background in educational administration and as a clinical social worker, has worked with over 150 schools and organizations to help live out their missions regarding diversity and inclusion. She’s written for Teaching Tolerance and has her own internationally syndicated podcast called “Third Space With Jen Cort”.

Jen spent the morning unpacking the terms related to diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as how this language has evolved over the years. Being on the same page as a school community is key as Jen shared how the last 20 years of social change have impacted child development and the way schools educate children.

Jen helped NPS faculty and staff recognize their social identifiers and ways in which those identifiers affect their work as educators and administrators. Faculty then created Personal Learning Networks to further conversations and work with each other regarding respective identifiers and topics.

With NPS’ continued commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we were thrilled to have Jen come in and support the school’s work.

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