2020 NPS Faculty Achievement Award

From Head of School Malcolm Lester's presentation at the 2020 Virtual Farewell Assembly

Each year, NPS presents an award to a faculty member to recognize the excellent teaching and learning that occurs at our school. This award, the NPS Faculty Achievement Award, is intended to recognize and acknowledge outstanding teachers who exemplify excellence and who lead by example. 

This year’s recipient has served NPS for 9 years and has filled two important roles at the school.  Well, she is actually so good at those roles that she is often asked to perform other responsibilities at NPS, which she does willingly. The ultimate professional and advocate who leads every day by example, this year’s recipient brings her “A game” to every role in which she participates.  She is highly regarded for doing all she does with grace, patience, keen intentionality, compassion, and a tremendous sense of humor. Our students’ well-being is at the heart of everything she does and her attention to their needs is unwavering and unparalleled—along with the needs of parents and colleagues. 

At NPS, we rely on her for pretty much everything. An example is the number of times she has been asked to serve on committees central to the life of the school. In the past two years along, she has been a member of the AIMS Accreditation Planning Committee, served as the faculty representative to the Board of Trustees, been on the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, and is currently on the Safety, Health, Return to School Committee.

For the NPS community, she truly does it all. I am pleased to present the 2020 NPS Faculty Achievement Award to NPS Lower Division Counselor and Librarian Jeni Reklis.