NPS Patricia Cunningham Endowment Announcement

September 16, 2022

Thanks to a $100,000 gift to NPS from Dr. George “Woody” Cunningham, the school has created the Patricia Cunningham Endowment, which will support student leadership and faculty professional development at NPS. 

The Cunningham name figures prominently in the history of NPS. Patricia “Pat” Cunningham was the first Head of School of NPS, and she and Dr. Cunningham were instrumental in founding the school, which opened its doors 53 years ago, on September 17, 1969. Mrs. Cunningham led the school for three years and then returned to the classroom, teaching Pre-Kindergarten at NPS as a continuation of a long and distinguished career in education. Following Mrs. Cunningham’s retirement from teaching, she and Dr. Cunningham maintained strong ties with both NPS and National Presbyterian Church.

In 2008, a year after Mrs. Cunningham’s death, Dr. Cunningham and NPS established the Patricia Cunningham Citizen-Scholar Award, presented annually at Graduation to a 5th Grader who “exemplifies the NPS Core Values and is regarded as a class leader, person of character, and demonstrates a commitment to serving others through compassion and humility.”

The generous $100,000 contribution to NPS to launch the Patricia Cunningham Endowment will support the Cunningham Citizen Scholar Award and faculty professional development, benefitting NPS students, faculty, and staff for generations to come.

NPS welcomes additional support for this endowment for student leadership and faculty professional development. Please contact Director of Development Mary Marra if you would like to support the Patricia Cunningham Endowment or the NPS endowment in general.