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Four 6th Grade students singing around a microphone in front of a stained glass window

On November 22, 2019 NPS held our annual Thanksgiving Service, which featured musical accompaniment and arrangements by our 6th Grade students. During the Service, each grade shared a prayer.  A recording and the text of the prayers are below.  

Nursery is thankful for our families. 

Pre-K is thankful for family and friends.

Kindergarten is thankful for our friends, teachers, and school community.

1st Grade
The First Graders are thankful for our family, friends, teachers, and freedom. We are grateful to the people who keep us safe, and we pray that all the people who don’t have a home will be safe and warm. 

2nd Grade
2nd Grade is thankful for NPS, the people in our Washington, DC, community, and our family and friends. We pray for people in the hospitals, the homeless, and animals in DC. We pray that they will be safe, warm and have enough food this winter.  

3rd Grade
3rd Grade is grateful for our NPS community. We are thankful for our education and the Pre-K buddies we befriended this year. We hope that everyone has a peaceful Thanksgiving with their families and pray for those who may not have a home to call their own during this holiday season. We send prayers to children in foster care across our country, reminding them that they are loved. And we pray to remind ourselves of the caring community that surrounds us and the blessings we are given each and every day. 

4th Grade
4th Grade is thankful for our families, our homes, our education, and having enough. We are thankful for the time we spend with our loved ones including our friends. We pray for those who protect us, those who have lost a loved one and those experiencing a hard time including those who are homeless, fighting diseases, and in foster care. We also pray that people take care of the environment and all living things. We hope everyone has a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving and remembers to treat everyone with kindness.

5th Grade
5th Grade is thankful for a great trip to Camp Horizons. We also give thanks for our new computers, our 1st Grade buddies, our families, friends, and teachers. We’re thankful that we met Mr. Martin, who taught us about homelessness and how hard it is. We pray for people experiencing homelessness and others who need food and water. We pray for the people in California who have been affected by the wildfires. We pray for the sick who are in hospitals and for everyone who is having a hard time and struggling. Lastly, we pray that everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

6th Grade
In sixth grade, we are grateful to NPS for providing a safe and loving community that teaches us how to be good people outside of school. Every student prays and wishes for different things. Some of us pray for people we know, loved ones in need of a prayer. Some of us pray for people we don’t know. We pray for people around the world, and pray that anyone who is suffering from violence or inequality instead knows love, safety, and justice. We pray for kind leadership and acts of compassion. We pray that God helps us recognize the ways that we are the same, not different. We learned about the Amazon rain forest fires in Social Studies, and we pray for the animals and people affected by this disaster. Deep down, we pray that everybody, no matter how big or small, lives a good life.

A full recording of the Service is available below.  Our thanks, as always, to our friends at National Presbyterian Church for providing this live broadcast and recording.


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