Nursery Winter Science Unit: Bears

Brown bears, black bears, polar bears....oh my! 

The Nursery Class investigated Bears in Winter for their winter science unit. The lower half of the Nursery loft turned into a bear cave; cozy, dark and ready for slumbering bears. 

For one part of the unit, the children did a little brainstorming to answer the question, "What do bears eat?" After reading the story Very Hairy Bear, the class went on a scavenger hunt, looking for pictures of what bears like to eat before they hibernate. Berries, nuts, fish and much, much more. The students also took turns crawling into a cave (our red tunnel), after filling our bellies with bear food, to then sleep (and snore) for a few months through the cold winter snow, to then waking to the buzzing of the bees, chirping of the birds and the warm spring sunshine. It was a large group activity that all of the Nursery friends participated in together. Please see the video of this fun activity below!

The whole Nursery class also played a game involving hibernation, migration, and adaptation. The students created several versions of hibernating caves, including out of bowls and paper bags and a paper collage scene. They also talked about different types of bears and sorted them into groups, using their counting skills to figure out that they had five pandas and four polar bears. 


Things we learned about together:
• Different kinds of bears and where they live
• What do bears eat?
• Where do bears find their food?
• What do bears do in the fall, winter, spring and summer?
• Do all bears hibernate?
• Bear cubs and what they like to do

New words:

  • cave
  • den
  • lair
  • hibernate
  • migrate

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