A Day in the Life: Nursery

The Nursery Lions and Tigers have embarked on a tree study! To begin their investigation they went on a nature walks around campus to look for different types of trees. They collected bark, leaf, and branch samples from oak and maple trees in addition to crab apples and acorns. The large amount of materials collected gave the students a chance to sort and describe what was the same and different about the various parts of a tree.

Students used their "detective eyes" to notice the first red, yellow, and brown changes to trees on campus. The Lion class looked at sculptures by Selma Burke (direct carving in wood) and Andy Goldsworthy (ephemeral land art) and made their own art with natural materials. Meanwhile the Tiger class learned to sort through their collection of branches by sizes. This lesson gave them an opportunity to make observations while using the language of “thin, thick, short, & tall.”

Not only did they “plant” a sculpture garden in front of the school, they also created a sensory wall space to reflect on their discoveries and consider their initial tree knowledge and questions. Throughout the lesson they have added to the ever-changing tree display in the classroom. 













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