Student presents monologue

On Friday, February 1, the NPS 6th Grade students presented our annual Living Museum project, which is the culmination of four months of work and preparation.

A significant piece of the 6th grade literacy curriculum is a deep study of the element of character during Reading Workshop. Through this model students learn how to investigate complex characters by gathering and analyzing text evidence, among other strategies. These ideas are brought together with personal narrative writing and work the students have done in drama class on playwriting, character, memorization, performance, voice, and blocking. Further cross-curricular collaboration is demonstrated as the students also created individual character portraits in art class, which utilized a process of student-driven design and choice through a wide variety of media.

For this project, each student selected a fictional character from a novel in order to step inside and write a dramatic monologue from that character's perspective. Students began at the end of September selecting characters, developing their moments, drafting the monologues, and preparing their performances. Characters from 30 books are represented in the performances, from historical fiction to science fiction to realistic fiction.

Through deep, sustained study and a range of expressive presentations, each 6th grader has the opportunity to further develop as a reader, writer, and creator. The strategies developed over the course of this long-term project will serve them well in 7th grade and beyond as they continue to evolve as passionate, life-long readers.


Hazel, The Mark of Athena
Samuel, Blood on the River
Ellen, Number the Stars
Ender, Ender’s Game
Thomas, Maze Runner
Korinna, Behind the Bedroom Wall
Ada, The War That Saved My Life
Katniss, Hunger Games
Alfred, The Contender
India Opal, Because of Winn-Dixie
Annabeth, The Mark of Athena
Alice, Alice in Wonderland
Franny, Countdown
Enjolras, Les Miserables
Annemarie, Number the Stars
Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter series
Franny, The Thing about Jellyfish
Sam Gribley, My Side of the Mountain
Isabel, Refugee
Bee, Beholding Bee
Riva, The Cage
Rachel, Behind the Bedroom Wall
Ben, Spy School
Heidi, So B. It
Eva, Torn Thread
Will, Ranger’s Apprentice
Mutti, The Elephant in the Garden
Maggie, Nothing But Trouble
Jess, Bridge to Terabithia
Franz Robinson, The Swiss Family Robinson
Mia, A Mango Shaped Space

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