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4th Graders Present at Chapel

Students in 4th Grade presented their "I Believe" statements at Chapel on Thursday, November 14.

In 4th Grade, the focus of the Religious Studies curriculum is on Christian Life. Students explore basic Christian beliefs, sacraments, types of prayer and worship. Students learn how to be theologians; to look at life through the study of God. Through practicing types of prayers, learning about Christian worship, and exploring Christian practices beyond their own tradition, students gain a full view of the Christian Life.

To prepare for this Chapel, students spent time in class brainstorming questions for the “God Box,” briefly studying the Apostles’ Creed, thinking about what Jesus says is the most important part of the law (“the weightier matters of the law”), and watching a few “This I Believe” videos. The students then formulated a number of their own statements of belief. They also heard from faculty and staff members about their beliefs, engaged in question and answer, and made a final decision about their statements.

This project is informed by NPS's adoption of the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards, particularly by the standard of Identity. By examining their own beliefs and those of their classmates, the 4th graders work towards continuing to develop their own strong senses of identity in tandem with recognizing multiple perspectives and differing points of view.

Below is a recording of the 4th Grade's "I Believe" presentation.

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