Third Graders Present Independent Learning on Native American Tribes

Independent Learning Day is a special day set aside for 3rd Grade students to explore a topic of interest to them, to research and write about that topic, to make a visual display showing what they have learned, and to share their newly-acquired knowledge with other students. Preparation for this day begins with reading and completing some research at home. Researching, writing, and making the visual is completed by the student at school.

For their first Independent Learning Day of the year, students worked in small groups to complete the projects and writing. The topic for the day focused on Native American tribes. Students began their research at school with a guided list of questions. Then the students gathered resources and information from sources such as library books, books from home, pictures, magazines, as well as information and pictures from the internet. Students then collected and brought in supplies including poster board, shoe boxes, markers, and modeling clay.  They then spent the day working in their groups to complete their research and projects for presentation at our mini-museum highlighting Native American regions attended by parents, students, and administrators.

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