2nd Graders Demonstrate Bucket Drumming

Just in time for the holidays, second grade has started bucket drumming in Mrs. O’Connell’s music room. The students have worked to learn rhythmic patterns, steady beat, and discern meter. They get an authentic musical experience as they take on the roles of performers, composers, and improvisers.

Second graders will continue to create compositions that use rhythms and patterns that are relevant to their musical lives. Students build technique; learn ensemble skills and how to perform without a conductor.

(Mrs. O’Connell says, “If your child is dreaming of a drum kit for a holiday gift, look no further than a flipped recycling bin from home and a pair of ear plugs for your family!”)

See below to enjoy a sample of our drumming with the Bucket Drumming Brigade from Ms. Woodbury’s class playing along to the holiday classic Jingle Bell Rock!


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