2022 NPS Faculty Achievement Award

From Head of School Malcolm Lester's remarks at the 2022 Farewell Assembly

Each year, NPS presents an award to a faculty member to recognize the excellent teaching and learning that occurs at our school. This award, the NPS Faculty Achievement Award, is intended to recognize and acknowledge outstanding teachers who exemplify excellence and who lead by example. 

This year’s recipient has served NPS with distinction for 9 years and is known for her expertise, unassuming manner, humility, and creativity. Among other strengths, she spends countless hours creating interesting, engaging projects for her students. Her projects and lessons have many layers and help children feel accomplished, proud, and successful. Year after year, she creates a joyful, beautiful classroom community and environment, where children feel safe and loved.

A collaborative, helpful and friendly team member, she always wants to learn and grow through professional development—all to better serve her students. You will never hear anyone saw a negative word about her—that would be impossible; she is respected and loved by children and colleagues for her warmth, professionalism and loving spirit.

She is humble and never wants to draw attention to herself and in fact she is going to be annoyed with me for recognizing her with this award. That’s too bad—I have the mic and she is so deserving, so we have to do what we have to do. It gives me great pleasure to present the 2022 NPS Faculty Achievement Award to Pre-K Teacher Betty Omia.