2021 NPS Faculty Achievement Award

From Head of School Malcolm Lester's remarks at the 2021 Virtual Farewell Assembly

Each year, NPS presents an award to a faculty member to recognize the excellent teaching and learning that occurs at our school. This award, the NPS Faculty Achievement Award, is intended to acknowledge outstanding teachers who exemplify excellence and who lead by example. 

Our recipient has served NPS for 14 years and is a calm, caring, and steady presence for all. This year was a perfect illustration of those traits.  Amidst schedule changes, classroom transitions, and virtual, hybrid and in-person learning, we could count on this teacher’s positivity, quiet leadership, and flexibilty to help us navigate the road ahead.

In the classroom, this teacher has shown special interest in literacy instruction, helping to transform the curriculum in her grade.  As an active participant in professional development, she models for her students how to have a growth mindset, love learning, and exhibit the NPS Core Values. I am pleased to present the 2021 NPS Faculty Achievement Award to Third Grade Teacher Robin Westerberg.

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