Dress Code


Students should arrive at NPS each day dressed in clothing that is clean, neat, and appropriate for school activities. All school clothing should be unsoiled and free of tatters and tears, and should be appropriate for expected weather conditions. Clothing and footwear should be comfortable and sturdy enough to accommodate the range of daily activities, including active play at recess. It is the responsibility of the parent, guardian, or designated caregiver to ensure that students are dressed appropriately for school each day.

The Dress Code extends throughout the school day (including after school programs) and to all school events such as field trips. During the school year there are occasions when the Dress Code’s general requirements may be modified. These include events such as School Spirit Days, Free Dress Days, or more formal occasions such as the Thanksgiving Chapel, Christmas Service, and Graduation.

Standard School Attire

General Dress Code Requirements:

Parents are required to send their children to school in clothing that is clean, simple, comfortable, and suitable for school activities. NPS offers polo shirts and sweatshirts for sale though the School Store. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of these standard items for everyday wear.

Dress Code Guidelines for Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten:
Children in Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten should wear play clothes that are neat and comfortable. They may wear NPS t-shirts, jeans, pants with elastic waistbands, or sweatpants in addition to the clothing listed for Grades 1-6. During the first week of school, Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten students should bring in a full change of clothes (underwear, socks, a shirt and one pair of long pants) in a plastic bag labeled with their name. These clothes will be stored in the children’s lockers, and parents should be sure to periodically update/replace this extra set as the weather changes. Outdoor clothing should be suitable each day to allow a child to spend an hour outdoors comfortably. Long pants are recommended during the winter. All clothing, particularly boots, should be large enough for the child to get on and off easily. Large buttons and snaps are easy for small hands to manipulate.

Dress Code Guidelines for Grades 1 – 6:

  • Turtlenecks, collared shirts, crewnecks, or blouses designed to be worn tucked in
  • Sweaters or solid-color sweatshirts worn over a collared shirt or turtleneck
  • Girls’ top and pant sets
  • Slacks or capris (no jeans)
  • Skirts, skorts, dresses or jumpers with hemlines no higher than 2” above the knee
  • Dress shorts (with pockets and belt loops) - hemline between mid-thigh and top of knee
  • Sturdy shoes, loafers, oxfords, athletic shoes. Note that athletic shoes are required for PE classes, sports clinics, league practice and play.
  • Waterproof boots are needed on rainy and snowy days. Athletic shoes and boots may be carried to school or kept in students’ lockers.

Special Standard Attire

Attire for field trips should be appropriate for the occasion. Thus a field trip to a farm differs considerably from a youth concert at the Kennedy Center. Faculty will advise parents of requirements for special attire in advance of these occasions.

Dress Up Attire

The Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Graduation Services are important ceremonial occasions, and “dress up” attire is required at all grade levels. Girls must wear dresses, or shirts with skirts or dress slacks and low-heeled leather shoes with stockings/tights. Boys must wear dark slacks or khakis with belts, dress shirts and ties, and dark leather shoes with dark socks. Blazers are also required for boys in Grades 4 - 6. Chorus members follow the chorus dress code for these occasions.

Spirit Day Attire

The first Tuesday of each month is “School Spirit Day,” and students are encouraged to wear polo shirts, sweatshirts or t-shirts emblazoned with the School crest or logo, and items in the school colors of red and white. Other than this exception, standard school attire is expected.

Free Dress Attire

There are occasions during the year when the standard school attire is relaxed somewhat, and all students are permitted to wear jeans and other more informal articles of clothing (such as athletic clothing). Otherwise, such clothing still must conform to the School’s guidelines of appropriateness and/or acceptability.

Inappropriate Attire

It is natural for students to want to experiment with clothing and accessories. At School, however, our focus is upon wholesomeness, neatness, simplicity, and lack of ostentation. We expect parents to review these guidelines with their children regularly and help them make appropriate clothing choices.

Should a student arrive at school inappropriately attired, a written notice will be sent home to his/her parents by a teacher or administrator. The expectation is that the violation will be duly noted and corrected by parents. Repeated notices may require a conference between parents and school administrators to clarify any misunderstandings about standards.

The following items are considered inappropriate at NPS for all grades:

  • Makeup, excessive jewelry, body piercing (other than pierced earlobes), tattoos, chains, and colored, spiked, or otherwise deliberately distracting hair, grooming, and/or accessories
  • Tank tops
  • Cut offs
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Bare midriffs
  • Low-cut necklines and pants
  • Tight or revealing clothing
  • Lycra or Spandex shirts or shorts
  • Soccer or lacrosse shorts
  • Torn, cut, ripped, tie-dyed, splattered, or bleached clothing
  • Underwear showing
  • Baggy or oversized clothing
  • Military, camouflage or fatigue-type clothing
  • Clothing with slogans or advertisements or sports teams’ names or symbols
  • Athletic clothing, including sweatsuits and yoga pants (with the exception of Field Day and Free Dress Days)
  • Hats indoors
  • Shorts above mid-thigh
  • Skirts more than 2” above the knee
  • Sweatpants (except for N, PK, and K)
  • Jeans (except for N, PK and K and with the exception of Free Dress Days)
  • T-shirts with writing (NPS T-shirts are acceptable)

For safety reasons these shoes are NOT acceptable at NPS:

  • Sandals or flip-flops (hiking sandals with closed toes are allowed, but not encouraged.)
  • Clogs, or any shoe without a back, including Crocs
  • Any shoe with a heel over 1”, including platform shoes
  • Combat boots
  • Cleats indoors