The Upper Division: Grade 2 - Grade 6

Welcome to the Upper Division at National Presbyterian School where our faculty builds on the foundational work of the Lower Division to engage, challenge, and support our students. Beginning with their arrival upstairs to the 2nd grade classrooms and ending with their graduation ceremony in 6th grade, students in the Upper Division actively participate in a rigorous academic program attaining knowledge and skills through discovery, critical thinking, and reflection. Instructional methods, learning activities, and assessments nurture the intellect and develop ideas and skills required for lifelong learning and citizenship. The academic program is both supported and guided by a rich foundation of character, ethics, and social-emotional education.

In a recent Chapel, our students were introduced to the idea of “openness” and challenged to approach life with open eyes, ears hands, hearts, and minds so that they may be fully available and receptive to all life has to offer. For me this message was one that I have had the fortune of hearing many times but one certainly worth hearing again. In fact, it was a message that made me think more deeply about my own capacity to be open, to embrace change and to invite “struggle” into my life. I hope that this wisdom had the same effect on our faculty, students, and parents in the audience. This message of openness truly lives within the halls of NPS and permeates the learning environment from Nursery – 6th grade. It is this deliberate posture of openness and acceptance of a challenge that makes NPS unique. In fact it makes learning fun, invites student engagement, and drives innovative and integrated curricular choices.

At the end of the NPS journey, our sixth graders are poised, confident, curious learners. We’ve prepared them well for the next step and the next schools are thrilled to welcome our graduates. Our outplacement team works with students and parents to identify schools that are a good fit, guide families through the application process, and advocate for the children at the schools to which they apply. Our students go on to a wide range of outstanding schools in the area, listed on the Our Graduates page of our website.

I look forward to meeting you!

Mr. Ben Ketchum, Upper Division Director

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