The Lower Division: Age 3 - Grade 1

We welcome children to our Lower Division to prepare them to lead the way as they continue on their educational journey. The Lower Division is a vibrant environment where children learn to be explorers, scientists, observers, and participants through project-based learning and research-based teaching practices.

At NPS, each child experiences individual support and attains the skills to adapt to working with others in varied academic and social groupings. The focus in the Lower Division is on the whole child, which includes academics, fine arts, physical education and spiritual education. On the effectiveness of early childhood education and meeting the needs of the whole child, the New York Times columnist and author, Thomas L. Friedman states in his book, The World is Flat (2005), “to survive in a globally competitive world, today’s children need creativity, problem-solving abilities, a passion for learning, a dedicated work ethic, and lifelong learning opportunities. Education, whether it comes from parents or schools, has to be about more than cognitive skills. It also has to include character building”.

At NPS, we offer a purposeful, thoughtful approach to early childhood education. Our class sizes are small and the instruction engages our children as active learners since children learn by doing. Our teachers are experts in their field and are committed to ongoing professional development opportunities to ensure research-based best practices. We respect the fact that parents are the child’s first and foremost teachers and we stand in partnership with you to ensure a positive, loving experience for your child.

I invite you to make an appointment with Admissions to tour our unique school and to learn more about the early childhood program at National Presbyterian School.

Dr. Mary S. Dickerson, Lower Division Director

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