Social & Emotional Development

National Presbyterian School counselors and teachers guide the social and emotional development of our students, offering them support and strategies for applying the NPS Core Values to their everyday lives. Counselors lead whole-class lessons in the classroom and meet with students individually or in small groups. In Pre-Kindergarten 3 through Sixth Grade, students learn core social-emotional skills and concepts such as emotional literacy, empathy, effective communication, emotion management, problem solving and self-esteem. As a framework for counseling instruction, the program uses themes from Second Step, a program created by the Committee for Children, and Connected and Respected, a program developed by Educators for Social Responsibility. Counseling services also provide support for families through consultation, connections to parent seminars and lecture series, and referrals for private therapy services and support.

NPS students excel at:

  • Emotional literacy and empathy
  • Making connections with peers and the community
  • Development of caring and effective communication
  • Conflict management and decision-making
  • Social responsibility

Small group activities include:

  • Grade-level groups to offer guidance in navigating friendship challenges and development of pro-social skills
  • Multi-grade level support groups for children in areas such as grief, divorce, or transitions
  • Grade- level support groups for problem solving and anger management strategies
  • Students in Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grades participate in a Personal and Social Development unit led by the counselors and private consultants. It includes topics such as managing stress, puberty, peer pressure, consent, responsible use of technology, and alcohol and drug prevention.