Language and communication are at the heart of the human experience, and they are increasingly more important in our pluralistic society, in the USA and abroad.

National Presbyterian School begins formal Spanish instruction in Kindergarten to foster appreciation of both foreign languages and cultures. Early instruction is focused on an active exploration of Spanish language and culture through stories, drama, songs, and games. Emphasis is placed on building a strong foundation in the Spanish language by increasing vocabulary, mastering basic conversational phrases, developing confidence in listening and speaking; acquiring reading, writing and grammatical skills; and exploring Spanish speaking countries.

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Spanish Program Overview

NPS Students excel at

  • Acquiring basic vocabulary, pronunciation, and oral communication skills
  • Understanding and appreciating Spanish and Latin American traditions and cultures
  • Demonstrating an enthusiasm and interest in learning a foreign language

Spanish Enrichment

  • Language Lab with Microsoft Surface Pro 3s
  • Online learning with DuoLingo
  • Listening to recordings to improve listening comprehension and pronunciation
  • Learning the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish
  • Holiday studies
  • Spanish games
  • Student-created videos, plays, and audio recordings
  • Student-led calendar and weather routines
  • Collaborating with homeroom teachers to study the history of Spanish speaking countries

Michelle McCurties, Spanish

BA, MAT, Michigan State University