NPS Philosophy of Early Childhood Education

Wherever possible, we must protect and preserve the spontaneous natural flow of learning that occurs when young children are given appropriate opportunities, materials, and guidance. Cognitive scientists and developmental theorists agree that play is the work of young children. It is the foundation upon which all academic skill is built as it highlights cause and effect and nurtures:

  • Executive functioning
  • Self-regulation
  • Motor control and planning
  • Sensory integration
  • Curiosity
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Social-emotional connections

Learning in Action

Student cutting painted paper

Our Pre-Kindergartners are studying the work of Eric Carle, including the process by which he makes the art for his books. And they tried out the multi-step process themselves!

Pre-Kindergarten Math is Fun!

Children ages 4 and 5 learn the foundational elements of math concepts such as sorting, graphing, identifying numbers, using one to one counting and identifying patterns


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