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The library at National Presbyterian School is the heart of the school. Every child at NPS visits the library weekly. Here they learn to enjoy literature and to use the library as a tool for research and learning. NPS believes that books are a window to learning about our Core Values, ourselves and our world. Our growing collection of over 13,000 books supports a love of literature and the research needs of students, staff and parents. A brand new, state of the art library space provides an age-appropriate atmosphere for all students. Children learn to use a web-based library catalog to locate books for independent reading and research needs. Through collaboration with the Education Technology Specialist, children learn to evaluate the relative merits of print and online sources to prepare them for a complex and diverse information landscape.


At National Presbyterian School, technology is used as a learning tool to enrich the core curriculum in all grades. While NPS is committed to preparing students for a future in our dynamic, information-based society, the School carefully considers the implications of technology use on the young brain, and thus chooses to enhance curriculum with technology in measured steps, allowing best practices in child development to dictate use, rather than current trends. Students in Second through Sixth Grade attend classes with the Education Technology Specialist to learn fundamental technology skills, which, in turn, are integrated into classroom activities throughout the day. Students learn proper research skills and abide by the acceptable use and safety policies when using computer equipment and the internet. Emphasis is placed on helping students become safe, ethical and educated consumers of electronic media both within the school’s walls and beyond. Specific subject-related software and relevant internet websites reinforce concepts in language arts, math, science, social studies, Spanish, music, art, and drama.

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Library Overview

NPS Students Excel At

  • Critical thinking about books, literature and websites
  • Reading across all curricular areas
  • Using call numbers to locate books in the library
  • Using an online database to research specific books
  • Using research skills and critically evaluating information
  • Learning to love literature

Library Program Highlights

  • Author in Residence
  • Book Week (N–6)
  • Literature Dress-Up Day (N–6)
  • Parent volunteer program including parent reading program (N–PK), and weekly shelving
  • Grade-specific interdisciplinary projects (5–6)
  • Adopt-a-Shelf program (4)
  • iPad programs and technology integration
  • Recipient of NEH and ALA Picturing America grant to promote democracy through art and literature
  • Annual Parent Book Club in collaboration with the NPS counselors

Technology Overview

NPS Students Excel At

  • Navigating the Microsoft Office suite (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher)
  • Mastering proper keyboarding techniques
  • Practicing safe and responsible computer and internet use
  • Applying technology skills in the general curriculum

Technology Program Highlights

  • Mystery Skype sessions with classrooms across the country
  • Global collaboration projects with classrooms around the world
  • Digital Citizenship curriculum
  • Creating “choose your own adventure” stories in PowerPoint
  • Calculating weight of supplies on the Oregon Trail in Excel
  • Designing travel brochures in Publisher
  • Creating charts and graphs to represent survey data in Excel
  • Illustrating books in Microsoft Paint
  • Creating self-portraits in Photoshop

Hardware & Software

  • Technology Lab with 20 Microsoft Surface Pro 3
  • Apple TV in the Technology Lab and Library
  • SMART Boards (1–6)
  • SMART Table for pre-primary grades
  • SMART response systems
  • Education Technology Specialist is a SMART Notebook
  • Certified Trainer
  • Portable laptop cart with thirty laptops
  • One-to-one laptops (5–6)
  • iPads with learning applications
  • Rosetta Stone program for additional Spanish instruction
  • Inspiration and Kidspiration software
  • Photoshop Elements
  • Timeliner XE software
  • Digital portfolios (5–6)
  • Dreambox subscriptions (1–3)
  • IXL subscriptions (4–6)
  • accounts for keyboard instruction
  • Digital and video cameras

Keenan Woods, Educational Technology Specialist

BA, University of North Carolina - Wilmington
MA, University of Connecticut

Jeni Reklis, Counselor & Librarian

BA, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
MA, George Washington University

Marie Bertozzi, Librarian

BS, Alfred University