Global & Social Studies

The social and global studies curriculum at National Presbyterian School is a culturally responsive program that focuses on helping our students appreciate and respect the diversity, history, and commonalities in our communities and in the world. Students study topics aimed at highlighting their responsibilities as community members and citizens as well as understanding the foundations of our country and other world civilizations. Social and global studies units integrate many curricular areas including math, art, music, religion, literature, and technology. Students in the Upper Division participate in extensive investigations of their historical eras which include research projects, field trips, book studies, and historical simulations. The social and global studies program in each grade balances civics and government, service learning, geography, history, and world cultures.

Learning in Action

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Global + Social Studies Overview


Diversity Among Us


Diversity in Our School


Diversity in Our School and on Our Church Campus

Grade 1

Diversity in Our Neighborhood: Tenleytown

Grade 2

The Washington, DC Experience

Grade 3

Environmental Sustainability: Native Americans and Early Settlers

Grade 4

Finding Your Voice: Democracy in Action

Grade 5

Migration: Then and Now

Grade 6

Global Citizenship: World Geography, Cultures, and Current Events

NPS students excel at

  • Understanding the responsibilities of community and citizenship
  • Appreciating the growth of American democracy and democratic institutions
  • Embracing the cultures and traditions of others in our global community
  • Showing stewardship for our shared resources

Global & Social Studies enrichment activities

  • Annual Geography Bee
  • Current events study through TIME for Kids, Junior Scholastic, and The Washington Post
  • Spanish, South American and Central American cultural exposure through the Spanish program
  • Guest speakers from the local community
  • Field trips throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area

Jim Sumner, 5th Grade Teacher

BA, Clark University
MA, New Mexico State University

Tara Montague, Director of Studies

BA, Barnard College
MSEd, Bank Street College of Education