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Decade of Childhood 

We believe that Age 3 to Sixth Grade is the ideal model.

We specialize in the “decade of childhood,” from the time that children are ready for an independent school experience until they sit on the cusp of adolescence.
As an elementary-only school, we are solely focused on children and what they need. We are experts in serving the intellectual, spiritual, and ethical formation of children, and we celebrate these fleeting and foundational years.
Students in classroom watching yellow scarf in fan

The oldest students at NPS benefit from focused attention without the presence of teenagers.

At ages 11 and 12 years old, children's brains are experiencing the second largest growth spurt of their lives, second only to the first three years of life. Sixth Graders are intellectually mature and ready to expand their world views, yet without the influence of teenagers, remain receptive to adults.
With students’ eyes and ears still focused on their teachers, we’re able to take advantage of the intellectual growth and help them figure out who they are and who they hope to be.  
This dovetails nicely with the search for a next school, and graduates depart NPS well-equipped to navigate the challenges that they will face in their teenage years.
a boy on a boat holding a maryland blue crab up to his ear

NPS graduates are highly sought after by a wide array of schools in Seventh Grade.

Renowned for academic sophistication, confidence, and compassion, admissions officers who receive our students consistently comment to us that NPS is a favorite feeder because our graduates transition seamlessly both academically and socially.


Seventh Grade is a good time to make a change.

NPS’ elementary school experience enables parents to make an informed decision about the best middle and high school fit for their child among the numerous options in the DC area. Students, meanwhile, are ready for a change and they’re excited about the opportunity to expand their experience in a new school.  
Entering their next school in Seventh Grade, students have two years to make friends, learn routines and make mistakes before they must navigate high school demands and expectations.