Student Voices: Upper Division Chapel

Student Voices: Upper Division Chapel

On Thursday, November 2nd, National Presbyterian School had Upper Division chapel at our church, National Presbyterian Church (NPC). Upper Division chapel is held every Thursday for the 2nd to 6th graders. Our chapel leader is Reverend Dunfee, NPS Chaplain. She is also our religious studies teacher.

A third grader named Stella played our opening prelude on the piano as everyone was coming in. NPS 6th graders also help out with our chapel service. Ingrid lit the candles while everyone was silent and Bendu read the bible passage.

On Thursday, we had a special guest for this service and his name was Dr. Quinn Fox, who works at NPC. Dr. Fox talked about Martin Luther who spread his ideas about Christianity.

Our 3rd graders shared Prayers of the People. Ingrid came back down the aisle to extinguish the candles. At the end, everyone sang the closing song as we departed.

We are all grateful that Dr. Fox took time out of his morning to talk to us. So from NPS, we say "Thank you, Dr. Fox!"

By Taylor K, 5th Grade