Student Voices: Lower Division Chapel

Student Voices: Lower Division Chapel

Every Wednesday, Lower Division (Nursery through 1st Grade) goes to chapel. At the beginning, Ms. Shuford, the Lower Division music teacher, plays the piano while everyone comes in. Once everyone is seated, they sing a song to welcome each grade.

Ms. Primrose, the Lower Division Director, was the first person to talk and asked students what they did in chapel last week. When they finished sharing, Katherine, a 1st grader, came up to light the candles, while everyone sang "This Little Light of Mine."

Lola, also a 1st grader, came up to greet everyone and present a song called "Clap Your Hands". This quick song is about welcoming each grade. Reverend Dunfee, our Chaplain, talked about that song and its meaning – it was like saying "we are knit together in love." She also taught them how to say it in sign language.

Now this is what everybody was waiting to see...Darlene, the special stuffed dog puppet, who shares a bible verse with the students. Izzy, a 1st grader, came up and took the scroll out of Darlene's heart and it said "Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again rejoice!"

After that, Reverend Dunfee invited her new friend, Ms. Cate, from the National Presbyterian Church, to celebrate the Church's 50th year.

What a wonderful way to start our Wednesday!

By Erin N., 5th Grade