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Student Voices: Learning to Save

Student Voices: Learning to Save

On Tuesday, April 17th, representatives from the American Banking Association visited NPS. They talked to the 5th and 6th graders about saving money and jobs in a bank. One person who spoke to us was Rob Nichols, the president of the ABA and also an NPS parent. This special visit came during Financial Literacy Week, and people from banks went to a bunch of different schools to tell children about saving and jobs. We talked about our interests and then looked at a bunch of jobs at the bank. Each job fit some interests and maybe that would be a good job for you. He talked about loans and saving money. We talked about some good times to get a loan. For example, if you were starting a business or maybe you wanted a car or a house, you could ask the bank for a loan to start it up. We talked about different scenarios where the bank wouldn't give you a loan. For example, if you asked the bank for a loan and they gave it to you and you never paid it back, they wouldn't trust you enough to give you another loan. We talked about how it would be harder to get jobs or get loans if people can't trust you. We were glad to be visited by the American Banking Association and we would love for them to come back again.

By Taylor K, 5th Grade

Photos courtesy of The American Bankers Association

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