Student Voices: 5th Grade Visits Synagogue

Student Voices: 5th Grade Visits Synagogue

On the morning of November 29th, the NPS 5th graders were excitedly waiting for the trip ahead. We were going on a Religious Studies field trip to the Washington Hebrew Congregation. We had to walk there but it was only a 15 minute walk from our school.

Once we arrived to the synagogue, Rabbi Miller greeted us. He was a funny guy and was wearing a small hat that he called a kippah. A kippah is a small hat that Jewish people wear to show respect and to remind him that he's Jewish. The chapel space we were in didn't have pews like our school chapel; they had chairs all facing toward Jerusalem. We had a wonderful time there and we learned lots of cool things about the Ark where they keep the Torah, which is a large scroll. He told us that one Torah scroll would cost a lot of money. 5th Grade is very happy we got to get a chance to meet Rabbi Miller and visit this wonderful synagogue.

When we came back to school, we had a special lunch. Mrs. Weissman, Mrs. Kinoshita-Ruiz, and Mrs. Paleologos (5th Grade moms) helped setting up the wonderful food. Mrs. Kilpatrick and Mrs. Topf made us kugel. We also ate latkes and matzo ball soup. We are delighted that we got to have this amazing experience. We are thankful for the teachers and parents that helped make today possible.

By Ian M, 5th Grade

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