Student Voices: 5th Grade Off to a Great Start!

Student Voices: 5th Grade Off to a Great Start!

At NPS in 5th Grade, we are learning so much. We are learning about migration and doing a project on it where we have tell the story of how our family migrated to America.

In math, we are learning about prime factorization, rounding decimals, and more!

In social studies, we are learning about timeline concepts.

In reading, we are reading this great book called Maroo of the Winter Caves.

In science, we are learning about the planets.

In drama, we are learning about Shakespeare.

The most exciting thing, though, was our trip to Camp Horizons. We left on Wednesday, September 13, and we had so much fun doing the leap of faith, the farm, archery, canoeing, rock-climbing, the giant swing and so much more. But the best thing was that we just hung out with our friends and had fun.

In literacy, we are doing essays about our time at Camp Horizons.

So far it has been a great year in 5th Grade.

By Victor M., 5th Grade

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