Pre-K Builds Bridges

Pre-K Builds Bridges

One of the ongoing activities in Ms. Jarboe's Pre-Kindergarten has been experimenting with designing and building bridges.

The Pre-Kindergartners had access to materials (wooden blocks, Duplo blocks, foam blocks, etc.) that allowed them to experiment on their own and in small group pairings.

The class read books, looked at pictures, discussed different building materials, and drew and wrote about bridges. They learned about different types of bridges - suspension bridges, covered bridges, and even the occasional log in the woods that helps one cross the stream!

During this Pre-Kindergarten bridge designing and building time our young engineers were working very hard on essential tools for learning as they constructed meaning and communicated with each other.

For example, during block building, children encountered experiences with language development, working memory, self-regulation, cognitive flexibility, spatial awareness, length, horizontal lines, symmetry and a good deal of problem-solving.