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Nursery is Feeling Blue

Nursery is Feeling Blue

As part of our ongoing study of primary colors, Nursery friends are exploring blue. We painted with blue paint, mixed together blue rice for our sensory bin, and wondered a lot about where we see blue throughout our day and throughout our world. (A few answers from Nursery friends: "Pete the Cat is blue." "The classroom chairs are blue." "The water in the sea is blue.") We set out on a "blue hunt" through our room, identifying, collecting, and sorting blue items. These early classification activities help Nursery friends develop foundational math skills.

Our guiding question — "What is blue?" — led us in a few surprising directions: Nursery friends discovered you can taste blue and hear blue! We tasted blueberries after reading Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey. We heard blue when we danced to blues music, Rhapsody in Blue, and "The Blue Danube" waltz.

Throughout the year, Nursery friends will build on their knowledge of colors by experimenting with color mixing, creating patterns, and working with a variety of colorful art materials and fine motor manipulatives.

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