Kindergarten Travels to Brookside Farms

Kindergarten Travels to Brookside Farms

Kindergarten recently traveled to Brookside Gardens, a nature center where they learned more about maple syrup and how it's made. The children were able to peruse a wildlife center, were given a presentation by naturalists about the maple tree's sap making process, and a then toured the maple groves! On the tour, they even saw syrup being boiled down outside in metal vats. When they returned to the nature center, they tasted different types of maple syrup, including one made by Brookside themselves, and compared the tastes.

This field trip compliments the Kindergarten science unit on sustainability. Children learn about the lifecycle of trees, how all of the components of trees function to support growth, and the importance of trees in our environment by exploring these essential questions:

  • What is a tree?
  • Where do we find trees?
  • Do trees change throughout the year?
  • What do trees need to live and grow?
  • How do parts work together?
  • How do we show respect for trees and the environment?

Click here to learn more about the science curriculum at NPS.

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