Immigration Deep Dive Features Readings, Documentary Film, and Guest Speakers

Immigration Deep Dive Features Readings, Documentary Film, and Guest Speakers

In a 2-week study of immigration, 6th graders delved into a variety of resources to explore the question: Why does immigration matter to me, my family and community, and the world?

They broadened their understanding of immigration through readings on the history of immigration in the U.S. and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, a documentary on Clarkston, Georgia - one of the most diverse square miles in the U.S., and a series of guest speakers.

The class was also invited to an event at Sidwell Friends School by NPS alumna Sofia Flynn '15. After participating in a week-long trip to McAllen, Texas, to learn about and help immigrants and refugees from Central and South America, Sofia helped organize their presentation. Amber Arriaga-Salinas, Assistant Executive Director of Proyecto Azteca, an organization that provides affordable housing opportunities and other support for immigrants and refugees, and Sister Norma Pimentel, executive Director of Sacred Heart/Catholic Charities, an organization that provides temporary shelter and necessary goods to newly arrived immigrants, shared about their work in McAllen, Texas.

In the classroom, students heard the personal immigration stories of members and guests of the NPS community: Mary Amos Zrara, Anne Hancock, Ana Farach, Karin Flynn, Amy Lee, Rosetta Lee (pictured), and John Lever. Students learned about the various circumstances that motivate people to immigrate to the U.S., the process of receiving visas, permanent residency, and citizenship, and the many challenges that immigrants face.

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