First Graders Know the "Air is There!'

First Graders Know the "Air is There!'

In our first experiment, "Air is There" the children work with a set of objects (balloons, straws, cotton balls, Styrofoam balls, feathers) to see how different objects can be moved by and through air.

In our second experiment, "Air under Water," the children use vials, paper towels, and basins of water to explore the idea that "air is matter" and takes up space. In this experiment the children attempt to capture air in the vial underwater and to keep their paper towels dry in the vials.

During our third experiment, "Parachutes," the children delight in constructing and observing parachutes dropping through air and are introduced to the concept of "air resistance." Then, they "Push on Air" and discover what happens when air is pushed into a smaller space using large syringes and water as they learn about "air pressure" and "air compression."

These experiments all account for the fact that a hands-on approach is the most effective way to help young students construct a solid foundation of scientific knowledge.

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