Family STEAM Night

Family STEAM Night

On March 9, Family STEAM Night was held at NPS. Over 200 people attended and participated in a range of activities designed to engage their brains, senses and skills.

Spaces on the 1st floor were designated for activities in 3 categories: Build, Play and Color:



Explore how to make the best paper airplanes and hoop gliders, with different techniques. Folds, weights, and size all can change how your glider flies.

Engineering Challenges

Four building challenges test your creativity and skill. Design, try, revise, and try again.


Imagine, design, and construct a giant fort using real tools to cut, connect, and join corrugated cardboard.

Bunny Hop Catapult

Apply your understanding of tension and energy to build a contraption to hop a bunny as far as you can.


Strategy Games

Practice your logic, patterning, and sequencing skills as well as improve your strategy, problem solving and concentration abilities by playing strategy games.

River Rocks

Explore lines, angles, and patterns as you blend art and math by building paths with river rocks.

Sensory Sand

Squish, mold, build...sensory sand is an amazing tactile experience which builds attention, creativity, and fine motor skills, while tapping into your inner calm.

Imagination Playground

Work collaboratively to problem solve and think critically as you use the pieces to construct, pretend play, or invent your own games.


Color Squish

Engage your senses of touch and vision. Develop fine motor skills and an understanding of color mixing as you wonder, explore, and discover.


Creativi-tee! Have fun with neon colors and patterns. Using our large scale pegboard palette, add your daring designs to our collaborative mural.

Pixel Art

Combine art and math to practice number recognition, pattern making, and arithmetic while making colorful, modern art.


Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. Create your own mandala by arranging colorful pasta and beans into circular patterns and designs.

Please enjoy this video re-cap of the evening.

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