Ethics in Action

Ethics in Action

In a unique collaboration between Drama and Ethics, National Presbyterian School offers 6th graders tools to navigate complex adolescent decision making.

Co-taught by the School's Drama teacher and Chaplain, the Drama/Ethics hybrid course asks students to use their drama skills to role play and re-enact ethics case studies aligned with the 6th grade curriculum and with the NPS core values of Love, Honesty, Safety, Respect, and Responsibility. Calling on their empathetic imagination, students are asked to "step into the shoes" of those in ethically challenging situations as they explore issues of identity, diversity, and global perspective taking.

An additional benefit of this capstone course is that recent alumni return to visit and share possible future case studies with their teachers; current 6th grade students benefit from updated scenarios and former students know they always have a home at NPS.

A version of this article appeared in the May 2017 edition of The Head's Letter.

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