6th Grade Engineers Solar Ovens

6th Grade Engineers Solar Ovens

Sixth Grade scientists put their understanding of solar energy and energy transfer to work as they designed solar ovens. Using pizza boxes, construction paper, aluminum foil, laminating film, and masking tape, students designed and built solar ovens to heat up cheese quesadillas.

They considered radiation, conduction, and convection as they determined:

· How to reflect the most sunlight into the oven?

· How to absorb the most radiant heat?

· How to trap the heat inside?

· How to insulate the oven from the cold ground?

The outside temperature was a chilly 15 C (59 F) but the hottest ovens reached 50 C (122 F), warm enough to soften the cheese.

The taste-test results for the quesadilla cookers were all, "Delicious!"

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