5th Grade Epiphany Chapel

5th Grade Epiphany Chapel

In today's Upper Division Epiphany Chapel, Art Teacher Sean Nolan shared his 5th Graders' photography work as part of on their study of light. Here is an excerpt of his presentation:

"In 5th grade art we study photography. On DSLR cameras there are settings to either do things manually or let the camera do them automatically. So in the camera, you can decide to take control or let the camera do all the work.

We put the cameras in manual mode and adjust the aperture, shutter speed, and focus all while students are shining flashlights to make symbols and words. Without manually controlling the settings, 5th graders couldn't capture the magic they create with their flashlights.

This video also captures a challenge to you all. Don't go through life using the automatic settings. Use your hands. Make a mess. Make someone's day. Shine a light.

And most importantly be a light that shines."

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