2nd Grade Creates to Show Learning about Communities

2nd Grade Creates to Show Learning about Communities

As part of their Social Studies unit, the Second Graders have been busy creating collages to represent the three different types of communities. With only a few simple materials (construction paper, poster board, and glue), the Second Grade students worked with partners to design artistic representations of either an urban, suburban, or rural community.

With this project, students had the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to differentiate between these three community types. The Second Graders planned their collages thoughtfully, discussing with their partners how they would represent their community.

Their knowledge is evident in the final products. Each collage features the defining characteristics of the community it depicts. Rural collages include large areas of green space and few buildings while the urban collages incorporate skyscrapers and dense roadways. Townhouses with lawns on quiet streets can be found in the suburban collages.

Not only did this project enable students to share their understanding of the topic in an imaginative way, but it also pushed them to work on those skills that are necessary in any creative, collective endeavor: communication and collaboration.

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