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Ways to Help Others

Ways to Help Others

At NPS, we work hard to teach, encourage, and model empathy and kindness. On Tuesday, May 12, NPS Cardinals had an opportunity to put this into practice by participating in Essential Worker Appreciation Day. We encourage you to keep this spirit of compassion going and as a family, consider ways you can help others in your neighborhood, community, and the broader country. Empathizing with others and engaging in acts of kindness are ways to build resilience and will also help to reduce stress and redirect the energy coming from strong feelings. Our NPS counselors have pulled together some ideas and resources of ways, both big and small, your family can help make a difference in the lives of others.

Say thank you

  • Write thank you cards or letter for essential workers
  • Create a song or poem to send to a teacher, tutor, counselor, coach, or someone special in your life

Reach out

  • Write letters or draw pictures for neighbors or family
  • Send positive messages over social media
  • Make funny videos and send them to friends or family who need a laugh
  • Create chalk drawings, messages, and games in the neighborhood
  • Contact a local nursing how to see if residents could use notes or drawings to help them feel connected

Help out

  • Deliver groceries for older people in your neighborhood
  • Read books to younger kids online
  • Connect with another family to see if you can swap virtual “baby-sitting” for an hour or two


  • Make (or donate) masks for healthcare and other essential workers
  • Contact local homeless shelters to find out what kinds of items they might need for donation
  • Support local businesses
  • Donate items or money to organizations that are helping those in need (see the articles in this post for some ideas)

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