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Managing to keep the house clean and well stocked and everyone safe and sane while also ensuring your kids complete some school work can be a full-time job. But wait, you might also have a full time (or part time job) with work waiting for you to do too!

Just like our students, we grown-ups are working hard to create distraction-free work spaces, accomplish tasks, join meetings, and maintain balance between work and home duties. While it may seem there is not time to even click on a link and read some advice, these resources provide concise, clear suggestions for ways to help more effectively manage working from home.

In sum, much advice comes down to boundaries and priorities. Here’s a snapshot of what that looks like.


  • Set work hours and stick to them even if it means saying no to someone at work.  
  • Try to maintain some routines as much as possible. For example, everyone has clothes on and breakfast done by X time.
  • Keep your work materials in one place. It is your place for your things.


  • You will not get everything done in the day. Recognize and accept that and prioritize from there.
  • Keep your kids and your household at the forefront. If you need to drop, shift, cancel, change something to meet their needs, then you will.
  • If you have a partner, communicate your top priorities for the day, listen to theirs, and have a plan together for how you will try to manage and accomplish them.
  • Remember, be gentle with yourself. This is new. This is hard. This is temporary.

There is much more to be found in the resources below.

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