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Family Activities and Games

Family Activities and Games

We’ve been at home altogether for quite some time now. Are you hitting a slump when it comes to things to do? Watched Frozen 2 one too many times? Played Candyland more than you can stomach? Check out some ideas and resources here for things to do outside and inside, onscreen and offscreen. Although not revolutionary, these age-old ideas may come in handy this weekend if you need a change of pace.

Off-Screen Ideas for Outside

Take a mindfulness walk. Walk where and how you typically would, but when you return home have everyone share out: 3 things you saw, 3 things you heard, 3 things you smelled or felt (texturally not emotionally).

Play a family game of hide and seek.

Play a family game of freeze tag.

Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt. PBS has some great scavenger hunt ideas and print outs for you to use.

PBS photo scavenger hunt

PBS ruff and smooth scavenger hunt

PBS nature cat scavenger hunt

Off-Screen Ideas for Outside or Inside

Hold a round of Family Olympics. Create different events for competition and design your own medals and performances for the ceremonies.

  • Around the house dash
  • Jump rope
  • Skipping races
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors challenge

Hold an indoor scavenger hunt.

Have a family dance party.

Do some family karaoke to your favorite songs (even if you don’t have a machine!).

Act out a scene from a favorite movie.

Have a craft challenge. Take out only 3-5 materials. What can each person make using only these materials?


Word games

  • Name, Place, Animal, Thing: Pick a letter. Each player has to list a person's name, a place, an animal, and a thing that begins with that letter.
  • MadLibs
  • ABC Game: Pick a category like animals or food. The first person names something from the category that starts with the letter A, the second person B, then C, D, etc…

Charades: You can use words, people, or movie/song titles. Need some ideas? Here’s an online generator.

Pictionary: Here’s an online word generator for this game.

Bingo: Make your own Bingo cards or go here for free cards online.

Screen Time Ideas

Play Pictionary or Bingo using some of the resources above when you use Zoom or Facetime with family and friends.

Play some of the word games above when you use Zoom or Facetime with family and friends.

Share your screen and watch a movie or show together when you use Zoom.

Do a yoga routine together using a resource like Cosmic Kids Yoga or try some mindful breathing exercises with JusTme.

Looking for more?

There is much more to be found in the resources below.

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